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Offshore wind is not for the faint hearted

During the building process of an offshore wind farm, many technical challenges occur. Also, installing a wind farm requires 24/7 monitoring. Aside from that, there are a lot of stakeholders to take into account, for example the different contractors. When working stressful jobs, five good minutes of inner peace can work miracles. Rentel COO Geert Dewaele talks about his way out of stress.

Not a rookie
Rentel COO Geert Dewaele is not a rookie in the offshore wind industry. He started his career in 2008 as C-Powers project site manager. Offshore wind was a brand-new industry at the time and C-Power was Belgians first offshore wind farm. Through the years he made it to COO of C-Power. In 2016, he made the transition to Otary and became COO of the Rentel wind farm. According to Geert, he thanks his perseverance in chasing his career goals to remaining fit and healthy at all times.

Building a wind farm is challenging
Today, Geert manages a team of 20 engineers. Together they face and take on all kinds of complex technical challenges. “Building a wind farm is a huge challenge, it’s like you and your team are on a rollercoaster, but sometimes you have to push the rollercoaster to the finish with your bare hands” says Geert. A stressful business, and that’s where health at work comes in.

A run on the beach builds team spirit
Otary makes sure that recreation is within reach for its employees. For instance, no one will give you a weird look when you change into your sportswear between meetings to go for a run. Geert knows why: “We work many hours and the building process demands a lot from the team. That’s why it is really important to take our minds off the job from time to time.” Geert and his team regularly go for a run on the beach. “It’s almost impressive how the team appreciates such a small thing as fresh air. During our runs, we motivate each other and build team spirit” adds Geert.

Offshore wind is not for the faint hearted