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OSTEND (BE) | Offshore installation Rentel wind turbines completed

Offshore installation completed
In May 2018, Rentel NV started the offshore installation of its 42 wind turbines. During the summer, the jack-up installation vessel “Sea Installer” of DEME installed all wind turbines in the Belgian North Sea, approximately 40 kilometres from the coast of Ostend.

Nathalie Oosterlinck, CEO Rentel: “This is a memorable moment. Our 42 wind turbines are now installed offshore and everything went according to plan. We can look back on a very successful execution of a large and complex project. We are proud of everyone who has contributed to the construction of the Rentel wind farm

Green energy for 300,000 households
The Rentel wind farm consists of 42 wind turbines with a total capacity of 309 MW and will provide 300,000 households with green energy every year. The wind energy generated by Rentel NV will contribute to achieving the Belgian climate targets for 2020 and to securing our energy supply for the future.

Nathalie Oosterlinck, CEO Rentel: “Our 42 wind turbines are a power plant at sea and will increase in the proportion of offshore wind energy in the Belgian energy mix. This will allow us to come another step closer to the conversion to renewable energy."

OSTEND (BE) | Offshore installation Rentel wind turbines completed